Hartley hits the reset button ahead of German Grand Prix

After walking away from a high-speed incident in FP3 where suspension failure on his Scuderia Toro Rosso STR13 sent him flying into the barriers, Brendon was hoping that he could still make something of his first British Grand Prix despite being set to start from the pitlane.
A superb job by his Toro Rosso mechanics overnight had his car looking sharp again on Sunday morning, however technical issues resulted in him just missing the start of the race.
It wasn’t long before he exited the pitlane to join the race, however during his outlap, he received a message from the pitwall that they could see a problem and to box the car where unfortunately he would be forced to retire.

Toyoharu Tanabe (Honda F1 Technical Director):
“This has been a very tough weekend, particularly for the Honda and Toro Rosso mechanics who had to work so hard in the limited time available, especially on Saturday after Brendon’s accident, changing his PU and chassis. Unfortunately, on the reconnaissance lap prior to the race, we could see that something was not right on Hartley’s car. We tried to fix it and still sent him out, but it was clear there was a problem and we had to retire him. The problem has now been traced to a loose connector on the PU side.”

Brendon Hartley – #28 Scuderia Toro Rosso:
“I’m not a believer in luck or superstition, but I think it’s definitely fair to say that the last few weeks have been unlucky for me. It was all out of my control this weekend – the suspension failure yesterday in FP3, and another technical issue today before we could even start the race, so there’s not too much to comment on the past two days. It’s disappointing, but I’ll hit the reset button now, take a couple of days to relax and prepare for the next race. I’ve got full trust that all of the people in Toro Rosso will be working hard over the next two weeks, as will I, to improve and show our maximum in Hockenheim.”
Next Round:
Round 11 – German Grand Prix, Sunday 22nd July 2018.